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Product catalog

  • Smart Multi-parameters Handheld Tester SOIL MULTI-Parameter Meter is used to quickly measure agricultural environmental parameters such as soil temperature and humidity, pH value, salt, and conductive rate, and display the data into the int···

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  • soil temperature and humidity sensor has stable performance and high sensitivity, and can measure soil temperature and soil moisture at the same time; by measuring the dielectric constant of soil, it can directly and stably reflect the real···

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  • Soil PH value sensor, which solves the shortcomings of traditional soil PH, such as needing to be equipped with professional display instrument, cumbersome calibration, difficult integration. Can be widely used in agricultural irrigation, f···

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  • Soil temperature and humidity sensor is a high-precision, high-sensitivity soil moisture measuring instrument. The lectromagnetic wave pulse emitted by the sensor is transmitted to the probe through the coaxial cable, and then enters the so···

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  • soil nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium(NPK) sensor has stable performance and high sensitivity. It can judge the fertility of the soil by detecting the content of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in the soil to evaluate the soil conditio···

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  • Wind speed sensor adopts the traditional three-wind cup wind speed sensor structure, and the wind cup is made of carbon fiber material, which has high strength and good start-up; the built-in signal processing unit of the cup body can outpu···

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  • Wind direction sensor adopts a high-precision magnetic sensor chip, and selects a low-inertia ABS wind vane to respond to the wind direction, with good dynamic characteristics. The product has the advantages of large range, good linearity, ···

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  • louver box type temperature, humidity and pressure sensor is fully digital detection, high-precision sensor. It is integrated with high-precision digital temperature, humidity and air pressure. It can accurately and quickly detect atmospher···

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