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  • Because the wind speed and direction sensor works in the field, it is greatly affected by the working conditions. In order to make the wind speed and direction sensor work normally, it does not affect the performance of the measured wind speed and wind direction results, and at the same time prolongs its service life. Therefore, in use, the wind speed and direction Maintenance of the sensor is ver···

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  • Operators of automatic weather stations need to maintain the normal operation of equipment. In order to ensure the accuracy of monitoring results of automatic weather stations with stable performance, the detection and maintenance of automatic weather stations has become an important part of the work.

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  • The farmland climate monitoring system is an advanced agricultural production facility that integrates high, precise and cutting-edge technology in agricultural science and technology and automatic computer control technology. How to judge whether the automatic weather station is faulty?

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  • How to repair the failure of automatic weather observation station?First of all, it is necessary to determine the fault location, such as power failure, collector failure, sensor failure, communication module failure, etc. Secondly, it is necessary to determine the cause of the failure, whether it is a mechanical failure, a human cause, or an environmental cause.

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  • Common problems with the use of ph sensors In practical use, pH in practical use, the following problems may exist in pH sensors: reduced sensitivity/slope, sluggish response, noise signals and chemical damage.

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  • calibration of the PH sensor has a certain periodicity, and the calibration cycle is different according to different use conditions. Generally, it can be calibrated once every four to eight weeks.

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  • Precautions for rain sensor use:1. The length of the sensor line will affect the output signal of the product. Do not arbitrarily change the components or wires that have been soldered when the product leaves the factory;

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  • Small weather stations should be assigned a person to manage and regularly check the weather station, and also to prevent pests, because the sensors of the weather station are processed and collected on the collector and displayed on the computer, if the rats chew the cable, it is not only inconvenient to repair, but also the data of the sensors on the weather station can not be accurately transmi···

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  • For agricultural weather stations, sensors are very important and have high accuracy and reliability. The weather station equipment is generally used continuously year after year, in daily use, how should the agricultural weather station maintenance and maintenance?

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  • it is necessary to strengthen the training of managers' skills related to the use of agricultural environment, and to identify the instruments in time to improve the efficiency of the use of agricultural weather stations.

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