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How to tell if automatic weather station is malfunctioning?

Time:2022-09-17 17:16:04 Popularity:1038

Common faults and specific manifestations of automatic weather stations:

1. The sub station is not online: the yellow light of the client sub station used by the automatic weather station is a specific manifestation of this fault. The occurrence of this fault is generally caused by problems with the network and the central station platform. Contact the central station or perform remote parameters. Testing is a common means of addressing this failure.

2. Abnormal temperature value: Since the temperature sensor of the automatic weather station is composed of a sensor line and a PT100 platinum resistance, when the temperature value of the automatic weather station is abnormal, we can check whether the temperature sensor is damaged or water enters, and check whether the line is virtual connection. resolve this failure.

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3. No rainfall or low rainfall: When there is no rainfall or low rainfall in the automatic weather station, the staff can judge the cause of the failure by checking the foreign body of the cylinder cover, whether the rain gauge is blocked, and whether the reed switch is damaged. .

4. Abnormal wind direction and wind speed: In order to better understand the abnormal wind direction and wind speed of the automatic weather station, we need to measure the voltage value between the signal line and the ground wire, and judge whether the sensor is damaged according to the measurement results, so as to decide whether to carry out the wind speed. Destruction of the sensor.

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5. There is a big difference in the day and night data of the sub station: For the fault that there is a big difference in the day and night data of the sub station, the staff needs to check the battery power and solar panel of the sub station to ensure the automatic weather station sub station. At night, it can better complete its own work with the support of sufficient power.

6. Abnormal sensor normal data: For abnormal sensor normal data failure in the automatic weather station, the staff needs to check the main board and switch of the collector, and consider whether there is strong signal interference around the automatic weather station, so as to solve the problem in a targeted manner. this failure.

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7. Abnormal power supply system: For the abnormal failure of the power supply system in the automatic weather station, checking the battery voltage and solar panel, replacing the power control board, and replacing the acquisition board are the main solutions to this failure.

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Product introduction of farmland climate observatory:

The farmland climate monitoring system is an advanced agricultural production facility that integrates advanced, sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies in agricultural technology and computer automatic control technology. It is the material basis for the transformation of modern agricultural technology into industry. It can monitor the climate factors, Soil environmental factors, combined with the physiological and ecological characteristics of crops, accurately grasp the timing and amount of irrigation, reduce ineffective irrigation, and save agricultural water.

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