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Air temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure sensors for atmospheric environment monitoring-NiuBoL

Temperature and humidity sensors are mainly used to measure the temperature and humidity of the environment and convert the data into the corresponding electrical signals. Since temperature and humidity can have a huge impact on different biological, chemical and physical processes, they can be applied in different industries for measurement and control, and therefore need temperature and humidity sensors to help us. Temperature and humidity sensor selection first to determin···

Product Details

    Atmospheric Temperature &Humidity&Pressure Sensor is fully digital  detection, high-precision sensor. It is integrated with high-precision digital  temperature, humidity and air pressure. It can accurately and quickly detect  atmospheric temperature, atmospheric humidity and atmospheric pressure. The  built-in signal processing unit can Output corresponding signals according to user  needs, high-strength structural design can accurately detect in harsh weather  environments.  Can be widely used in meteorology, ocean, environment, airports, ports,  laboratories, industry and agriculture and transportation and other fifields.

The temperature, humidity and pressure sensor product is a three-in-one meteorological instrument launched by niubol for the monitoring of regular outdoor meteorological parameters. The device innovatively combines the three standard meteorological parameters, i.e. atmospheric temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure, through a highly integrated structure to achieve 24-hour continuous online monitoring of outdoor meteorological parameters, and outputs the three parameters to the user at once through a digital communication interface.

In order to solve how to improve the agricultural production efficiency, quality of agricultural products and energy saving factors, people often take modern technology in agricultural production for temperature and humidity monitoring, data display, information storage and real-time monitoring, etc. Because wireless transmission has the advantages of wide monitoring range, convenient wiring, low cost, etc., so it has become the first choice for people's temperature and humidity collection and control.

This series of products is using a highly integrated atmospheric pressure sensor chip, the chip full range calibration of the digital output.

It has the characteristics of wide measuring range, good linearity, good waterproof performance, easy to use, easy to install, long transmission distance, etc. It is suitable for various places, especially for agricultural greenhouses, urban lighting and other places.

High measurement accuracy

Low power consumption, energy-saving and safe

Reasonable structure design, in line with scientific research requirements

Low failure rate, mature technology, stable performance

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