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About Us
About Us

Zoko Link Technology Co., Ltd. (Brand: NiuBoL) :Production and sales Soil NPK sensor,Soil PH sensor,Soil Moisture Sensor,Soil temperature and humidity sensor,Soil Conductivity Sensor,Automatic weather stations, Wind speed sensor, Wind direction sensor, Ultrasonic integrated sensor, Temperature, humidity and pressure sensors for louvered boxes, Rainfall sensor,Pyranometer,Handheld testerand other sensors, and It is widely used in poultry farming, greenhouse automation, irrigation agriculture, forest monitoring, Smart Agriculture,digital agriculture, Solar energy use, Environmental monitoring, meteorologyand other application scenarios. Since 2012, the founder of our company has been involved in the de...

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Wind speed and direction sensor maintenance method tutorial?

Product knowledge

AskWhat parameters are monitored by the weather stations in scenic areas and which sensors are used
ReplyWith the development of weather monitoring technology, the application of weather stations is becoming more and more wid···
AskGeneral airport weather monitoring automatic weather station
ReplyGeneral airport weather monitoring requires a variety of sensors, the exact number and type of which may vary depending ···
AskWeather stations for monitoring agricultural environmental elements and meteorological information
ReplyAn agricultural weather station is a type of weather station designed to monitor the elements of the agricultural enviro···
AskForest Weather Station-weather monitoring station that monitors forest weather changes in real time
ReplyForest weather station monitoring is very important for the protection and management of forest ecosystems. Forest weath···
AskCommon faults of automatic weather stations and how to deal with them
ReplyIn the usual work you need to pay attention to the management and maintenance of the automatic weather station to ensure···
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XSoil sensors_temperature and humidity sensor_PH sensor_NPK sensor_Pyranometer_agricultural weather stations-NiuBoL

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