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Common faults of automatic weather stations and how to deal with them

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Automatic weather station troubleshooting

Automatic weather stations are the scientific basis for weather disaster prevention and mitigation, weather disaster forecasting and warning, and are an important part of the weather observation system. Automatic weather stations have the advantages of high accuracy of monitoring results, timely transmission and strong resolution, and they are widely used in weather services.

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Automatic weather stations can monitor the wind speed and direction, precipitation, temperature and other meteorological elements in a specific area accurately and effectively around the clock, providing a detailed reference basis for refined weather forecasting.

Automatic weather stations have both hardware and software components, including sensors, meteorological data collectors, power supplies, communication modules, data storage and processing parts. The failure of the automatic weather station mainly occurs in the above-mentioned parts, the following analysis is made for several parts of the automatic weather station.

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Some of them may involve the failure and loss of sensors, data transmission devices, power supplies and other equipment, while others may involve programming and software problems.

Common failures include sensor failures, connection problems, power supply failures, software failures, computer hardware failures, etc. In addition, severe weather conditions (e.g. hail, storms, etc.) may cause some degree of damage to the equipment, which in turn may affect the normal operation of the automatic weather station.

To ensure the normal operation of automatic weather stations, it is necessary to check and maintain the equipment in a timely manner and to keep the appropriate environmental conditions.

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Troubleshooting of automatic weather stations:

1.Automatic weather station weather elements value display abnormal, first check whether the weather sensor is normal.

2. Check whether the signal cable connector of the faulty sensor is solid or not.

3. If the rain value appears abnormal, check whether the rain barrel is blocked or check whether the evaporator is overflowing.

4. if the wind data appears abnormal, detect whether the wind sensor is faulty;

5. When the automatic weather station cannot download data normally, then first observe whether the collector is working normally or not. When the collector is malfunctioning, it may be unable to connect due to communication line failure, or the collector may not work normally due to the error of software setting.

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In the usual work you need to pay attention to the management and maintenance of the automatic weather station to ensure that it is in good working order, once you find the automatic weather station failure, you need to confidently investigate the reasons for the failure, and take a reasonable and effective way to solve the failure in a timely manner, if it can not be solved, you can contact the automatic weather station maintenance personnel to ensure the normal operation of the automatic weather station.

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